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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2015Clinical significance of coexpression of L-type amino acid transporter 1 (LAT1) and ASC amino acid transporter 2 (ASCT2) in lung adenocarcinoma矢澤, 友弘; ヤザワ, トモヒロ; Yazawa, Tomohiro
31-May-2016Clinical significance of β2-adrenergic receptor expression in patients with surgically resected gastric adenocarcinoma高橋, 研吾; タカハシ, ケンゴ; Takahashi, Kengo
1-May-2012Clinical Utility of Three-dimensional Computed Tomography for Esophageal Reconstruction using Colon Interposition after GastrectomyTakeyoshi, Izumi; Toya, Hiroyuki; Yoshinari, Daisuke; Sunose, Yutaka; Totsuka, Osamu; Ogawa, Hiroomi; Tsukagoshi, Hiroshi; Hirai, Keitaro; Takahashi, Norifumi; Miyamae, Yohei; Tanaka, Kazumi
1-May-2006A Clinicopathologic Study of Breast Cancer Patients during PregnancyIijima, Kotaro; Yoshimoto, Masataka; Horiguchi, Jun; Oyama, Tetsunari; Morishita, Yasuo; Kasumi, Fujio; Sakamoto, Goi
30-Jun-2019Clinicopathological characteristics of circumscribed high-grade astrocytomas with an unusual combination of BRAF V600E, ATRX, and CDKN2A/B alternations.村上, 千明; ムラカミ, チアキ; Murakami, Chiaki
23-Mar-2017Clinicopathological Significance of LAT1 and ASCT2 in Patients With Surgically Resected Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma本城, 裕章; ホンジョウ, ヒロアキ; Honjo, Hiroaki
22-Mar-2019CNS high-grade neuroepithelial tumor with BCOR internal tandem duplication: a comparison with its counterparts in the kidney and soft tissue吉田, 由佳; ヨシダ, ユカ; Yoshida, Yuka
Mar-2009Co/Pd、Co/Pt人工格子におけるスピン運動量密度分布の異方性と垂直磁気異方性に関する研究大田, 実; オオタ, ミノル; Ota, Minoru
8-Jun-1998Coexistence curve of perfluoromethylcyclohexane + carbon tetrachloride near the critical point in composition-pressure and composition-temperature spaceDobashi, Toshiaki; Koizumi, Jun-ichi; Kita, Rio
15-Aug-1996Coexistence curve of polystyrene in methylcyclohexane. IX. Pressure dependence of tricritical pointDobashi, Toshiaki; Koshiba, Tetsuya
Mar-2019CoFeB/MgO および CoFeB/Ta 界面における磁気スイッチング挙動の温度変化拝詞, 健人
Mar-2016CoFeB/MgO多層膜におけるスピン・軌道選択的/磁気量子数選択的磁化測定山添, 誠敏
22-Mar-2019Cognitive-motor interference in post-stroke individuals and healthy adults under different cognitive load and task prioritization conditions大角, 哲也; オオヅノ, テツヤ; Ohzuno, Tetsuya
31-Mar-2000Collaboration in Asia : Four Japanese Shakespearean Productions in the 1990sSuematsu, Michiko
Nov-2010Color Your Worldを利用した米国人高齢者に対するカウンセリングの実践例加藤, 友美
30-Sep-2008The Comfort Women and Japanese NationalismBUSH, Jerre; ブッシュ, ジェリー
1847CommentarAristoteles; Schwegler, Albert
25-Mar-2014Comparative effects of flurbiprofen and fentanyl on natural killer cell cytotoxicity, lymphocyte subsets and cytokine concentrations in post-surgical intensive care unit patients: prospective, randomized study楢原, 創; ナラハラ, ハジメ; Narahara, Hajime
1985Comparative Ultrastructural Studies on the Spermatozoa of the Prosobranchia (Mollusca : Gastropoda)Koike, Keiichi
30-Sep-2016Comparison between group and personal rehabilitation for dementia in a geriatric health service facility : single-blinded randomized cotrolled study.田中, 繁弥; タナカ, シゲヤ; Tanaka, Shigeya
Showing results 1985 to 2004 of 10410
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