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1-Nov-2017HER2陽性乳癌馬尾転移の一例石黒, 暁寛; 関, 大仁; 櫻井, 孝志; 堀内, 陽介; 清水, 健; 小原, 琢磨; 林, 航輝; 冠城, 拓示; 飯田, 修史; 関, みな子; 唐橋, 強; 中島, 顕一郎; 細田, 洋一郎
1-Nov-2017HER2陽性転移・再発乳癌に対し,Trastuzumab(H)+ Pertuzumab(P)+XC(Capecitabine+Cyclophosphamide) を投与した2例二宮, 淳; 小川, 利久; 辻, 英一; 林原, 紀明; 大矢, 真里子; 内田, 惠博; 小島, 誠人; 石綱, 一央; 佐々木, 勝海; 二宮, 凛
1-Feb-2012Herceptin単独療法が有効であった高齢者のHer2陽性乳癌, 多発肝転移の一例君塚, 圭; 三宅, 洋; 小倉, 道一; 花田, 学; 菊池, 剛史; 康祐, 大; 大原, 守貴
Mar-2017Heritage Language and L2 Learning Connections: Views from within JapanMuramoto, Erica Maria; ムラモト, エリカ マリア; Karsten, Angela; カルステン, アンジェラ
23-Mar-2017Hierarchy of dysfunction related to dressing performance in stroke patients: A path analysis study藤田, 貴昭; フジタ, タカアキ; Fujita, Takaaki
Mar-2012High Accuracy Displacement Estimation Using Sonoelasticity Imaging SystemParajuli, Raj Kumar; パラジュリ, ラジュ クマル
30-Sep-2018High expression of FOXC2 is associated with aggressive phenotypes and poor prognosis in clinical hepatocellular carcinoma下田, 雄輝; シモダ, ユウキ; Shimoda, Yuki
30-Sep-2018High expression of topoisomerase-II predicts favorable clinical outcomes in patients with relapsed small cell lung cancers receiving amrubicin.三浦, 陽介; ミウラ, ヨウスケ; Miura, Yosuke
30-Sep-2015High frequency of Hepatitis B core and surface antibodies in Hepatitis C virus- infected patients on the screening examination.須藤, 千秋; ストウ, チアキ; Suto, Chiaki
15-Feb-2010High Level Mathematical Thinking : Experiments with High School and Under Graduate Students using Various Approaches and StrategiesSumarmo, Utari; 西谷, 泉
31-Oct-2018High linear energy transfer carbon-ion irradiation increases the release of the immune mediator high mobility group box 1 from human cancer cells.大西, 真弘; オオニシ, マサヒロ; Onishi, Masahiro
31-Mar-1989High Resolution Study of H_2 in the Vacuum-uv Region : Line Profile of the 3pπ D^1Π_u-X^1Σ^+_g bandsTakezawa, Sanzo; Iida, Yoshihiro
23-Mar-2018High STMN1 expression is associated with cancer progression and chemo-resistance in lung squamous cell carcinoma包, 品杰; ボウ, ピンジェ; Bao, Pinjie
23-Mar-2018High STMN1 level is associated with chemo-resistance and poor prognosis in gastric cancer patients白, 図雅; バイ, トヤ; Bai, Tuya
22-Mar-2019High stromal TGFBI expression is a novel marker of progression and poor prognosis in gastric cancer鈴木, 雅貴; スズキ, マサキ; Suzuki, Masaki
30-Jun-2017Highly sensitive detection of a HER2 12-base pair duplicated insertion mutation in lung cancer using the Eprobe-PCR method高瀬, 貴章; タカセ, ヨシアキ; Takase, Yoshiaki
31-Dec-2016Histologic assessment of tumor budding in preoperative biopsies to predict nodal metastasis in squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue and floor of the mouth.關, 麻衣; セキ, マイ; Seki,Mai
May-2010Histological Study on Glycogen Granules and Lipid Droplets in Hepatocytes of Human and Rat Liver Tissues Immediately after Thawing成田, 成; 伊藤, 政幸; 重松, 照世; 佐藤, 哲男
31-May-2017Histone deacetylase inhibitors sensitize murine B16F10 melanoma cells to carbon ion irradiation by inducing G1 phase arrest斎藤, 克代; サイトウ, カツヨ; Saito, Katsuyo
1-Nov-2007Histopathological Study on the Distribution of Langerhans Cells in Oral MucosaNegishi, Akihide; Mogi, Kenji; Yamaguchi, Toru
Showing results 2417 to 2436 of 10708
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