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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2014Impact of a Concomitant Relaxation Technique Intervention on Medical and Health Behaviors in Patients Treated for Type 2 Diabetes MellitusKatada, Yuko; Koitabashi, Kikuyo; Tomono, Syoichi; Oka, Michiyo
7-Nov-2014Impact of a Concomitant Relaxation Technique Intervention on Medical and Health Behaviors in Patients Treated for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus片田, 裕子; Katada, Yuko
1-Feb-2013Impact of gum chewing on mental health of depressed patients treated in the outpatient clinics of psychiatric hospitalsKatsuki, Takeshi
23-Mar-2017Impact of impaired renal function on gadolinium retention after administration of gadolinium-based contrast agents in a mouse model.Kartamihardja, Achmad Adhipatria Perayabangsa; カルタミハルジャ, アハマド アディパテリア ペラヤバンサ
1-Aug-2014Impact of Nutritional Education on Knowledge and Attitude of Iodine Deficiency Disorders of Posyandu Cadres in Malang District,East Java Province,IndonesiaHandayani, Lilik; Yamazaki, Chiho; Kameo, Satomi; Koyama, Hiroshi
23-Mar-2016Impact of the Bim deletion polymorphism on survival among patients with completely resected non-small cell lung carcinoma渥實, 潤; アツミ, ジュン; Atsumi, Jun
1-Aug-2011Impact of urinary symptoms on quality of life in community female residentsAndo, Ryo; Uchida, Yoko; Kamiyama, Manami
1-May-2008Impaired Proliferation and Th1 Differentiation of CD4+ T Cells of SHPS-1 Mutant MiceKaneko, Yuka; Kaneko, Yoriaki; Ohnishi, Hiroshi; Tomizawa, Takeshi; Okajo, Jun; Saito, Yasuyuki; Okuzawa, Chie; Murata, Yoji; Okazawa, Hideki; Nojima, Yoshihisa; Okamoto, Koichi; Matozaki, Takashi
31-Mar-2018Implications of the Course of Study Reforms on English Language Teaching in Japanese Secondary Schools: Toward Teaching English as an International LanguageFujieda, Yutaka
5-Apr-2016An Important Point of Selecting RealiaKAZUI, Hironobu
25-Mar-2014Improvement of Oxygen Saturation Levels is associated with Response to Adaptive Servo-Ventilation Therapy in Heart Failure Patients加藤, 寿光
1-Aug-2011IMRTにおける検証(Ⅰ)樋口, 弘光; 宮澤, 康志; 津田, 和寿; 小屋, 順一; 星野, 佳彦; 品川, 博史; 大竹, 英則
24-Mar-2015In Vitro Determination of the Relative Biological Effectiveness of Carbon Ion Beam Irradiation in Cells Derived From Human Normal Lung Tissues岡野, 奈緒子; オカノ, ナオコ; Okano, Naoko
31-Mar-1992In Vitro Effect of Testosterone and its Metabolites on the Synthesis of Protein in the Prostate Glands of Immature RatsIto, Yoshikazu Z.; Futawatari, Tamae; Arai, Michiko
10-Mar-1982In vitro measurement of delayed hypersensitivity by migration inhibition of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes with Boyden's chamberKurashige, Satonori; Yoshida, Toshiharu; Akuzawa, Yuki; Teshima, Chisato; Mitsuhashi, Susumu
1-Mar-2015In-Between “Here”and “There”: Cambodian People as Transnational AgentsHara, Hiroko; 原, 紘子
2013Incidence, mortality and predictive factors of hepatocellular carcinoma in primary biliary cirrhosis細沼, 賢一; Hosonuma, Kenichi
23-Mar-2016Incidence, risk factors, and dose-volume relationship of radiation-induced rib fractureafter carbon ion radiotherapy for lung cancer.阿部, 孝憲; アベ, タカノリ; Abe, Takanori
31-Mar-2003Incomplete Utterance and RelevanceIdo, Ryo
25-Mar-2014Increase in cell motility by carbon ion irradiation via the Rho signaling pathway and its inhibition by the ROCK inhibitor Y-27632 in lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells村田, 和俊
Showing results 2458 to 2477 of 10270
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