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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2018Inter-assay precision of clonogenic assays for radiosensitivity in cancer cell line A549Permata, Tiara Bunga Mayang; パラマタ, ティアラ ブンガ マヤン
15-Feb-2001Interaction Effects on Combustion of Alcohol Droplet PairsOKAI, Keiichi; ONO, Yutaka; MORIUE, Osamu; SHIBA, Seiji; ARAKI, Mikiya; NOMURA, Hiroshi; SHIGA, Seiichi; TSUE, Mitsuhiro; KONO, Michikata
Nov-2010Interaction of Nicotine and N-cyanomethylmethamphetamine, a Main Pyrolysis Product of Smoking Methamphetamine Mixed with Tobacco, in Terms of the Sensitization to the Ambulatory Stimulant Effect in MiceKURIBARA, Hisashi; 栗原、久
2013Interaction of silencing mediator for retinoid and thyroid receptors with steroid and xenobiotic receptor on multidrug resistance 1 promoter増井, 和美; Masui, Kazumi
Mar-2002The Interactive Program between Japanese and American Physical and Occupational Therapy Students and its Educational ImpactIwasaki, Kiyotaka; Uchiyama, Yasushi
25-Mar-2014Interleukin-6 up-regulates the expression of rat luteinizing hormone receptors during granulosa cell differentiation今井, 文晴
31-Jul-2016The Internalized Stigma of Mental Illness (ISMI) scale: validation of the Japanese version田邊, 要補; タナベ, ヨウスケ; Tanabe, Yosuke
20-Dec-2014Interpersonal Conflicts among Learners of English in Japanese University Classrooms: Using Factor AnalysisMatsumoto, Yasuyo; 松本, 恭代
28-Feb-2015Interpretations of Bare Nouns and the Plural Marker -tachi by English-speaking learners of Japanese梅田, 真理; Umeda, Mari
23-Mar-1999Interval-Based Data Model for Temporal Databases天笠, 俊之; アマガサ, トシユキ; Amagasa, Toshiyuki
23-Mar-2017Intravenous dendritic cell-administration enhances suppression of lung metastasis induced by carbon-ion irradiation安藤, 謙; アンドウ, ケン; Ando, Ken
Mar-2004Intravenous injection of ghrelin induced expression of c-Fos protein in central neurons in ratsHosoya, Ryuichi; Hamana, Koei
25-Mar-2014Intrinsic membrane properties and nicotinic receptor-mediated current responses of cholinergic neurons in the rat medial vestibular and prepositus hypoglossi nuclei張, 月; チョウ, ゲツ
1861Introduction critiqueSpinoza, Benedictus de; Saisset, Ĕmile Edmond
1-Feb-2004An Introduction to a Learning Style Dominance InventoryHumphreys, Gwenna; ハンフリーズ, グエナ
1867An introduction to Aristotle's Rhetoric : with analysis notes and appendicesCope, Edward Meredith
30-Sep-2017Iodine concentration calculated by dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) as a functional parameter to evaluate thyroid metabolism in patients with hyperthyroidismDuc Binh, Duong; デュク ビン, デュオン
1-May-2011IPMNに対する膵縮小手術に関する検討高瀬, 貴章; 須納瀬, 豊; 平井, 圭太郎; 吉成, 大介; 戸塚, 統; 戸谷, 裕之; 小川, 博臣; 高橋, 憲史; 田中, 和美; 竹吉, 泉
31-Mar-2017Is Depression Linked to Inflammation and the Gut? An invitation to challenge the methodology of depression therapy through medication in Japan and refocusing the strategy for treatment by including inflammation treatment and incorporating gut flora managementTarn, Christopher
28-Feb-2014Island-sensitivity in Fragment Ellipsis in Japanese深谷, 晃彦; Fukaya, Teruhiko
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