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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Influence of the anterior-posterior femoral translation on the range of motion in cruciate-retaining total knee arthroplasty栁澤, 真也; ヤナギサワ, シンヤ; Yanagisawa, Shinya
22-Mar-2019Influence of toe contact condition during forward step on the ground reaction forces in turning movement齊藤, 竜太; サイトウ, リュウタ; Saito, Ryuta
31-Mar-1994Influence to the Quantum Defect of H_2 Rydberg States in the II^- - II^- Homogenous PerturbationTakezawa, S.; Iida, Y.
30-Sep-2015Influences of visual and supporting surface conditions on standing postural control and correlation with walking ability in patients with post-stroke hemiplegia.大河原, 七生; オオカワラ, ナナミ; Okawara, Nanami
1-Aug-2014Influencing Factors to Participation of Posyandu for Improving Nutritional Status of Children Under- Five in Aceh Utara District,Aceh Province,IndonesiaNazri, Cut; Yamazaki, Chiho; Kameo, Satomi; MDH, Dewi; Sekarwana, Nanan; Koyama, Hiroshi
16-Mar-2015Info Trail ガイド : 地理・歴史・理科横山, 孝一; Yokoyama, Koichi
30-Apr-2017Inhibition of autolysosome formation in host autophagy by Trypanosoma cruzi infection鬼塚, 陽子; オニヅカ, ヨウコ; Onizuka, Yoko
23-Mar-2017Inhibition of Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 may activate the degradation of hypoxia-inducible factors and thus overcome cellular resistance to radiation in colorectal cancerGombodorj, Navchaa; ゴンボドルジ, ナフチャ
24-Mar-2020Inhibitory effect of kaempferol on skin fibrosis in systemic sclerosis by the suppression of oxidative stress.関口, 明子; セキグチ, アキコ; Sekiguchi, Akiko
22-Mar-2019Inhibitory regulation of skin fibrosis in systemic sclerosis by apelin/APJ signaling横山, 洋子; ヨコヤマ, ヨウコ; Yokoyama, Yoko
30-Jun-2015Injection Site Radioactivity of 99mTc-Labeled Mannosylated Dextran for Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping山口, 藍子; ヤマグチ, アイコ; Yamaguchi, Aiko
30-Apr-2014Injuries and disorders among young ice skaters : relationship with generalized joint laxity and tightness岡邨, しのぶ; オカムラ, シノブ; Okamura, Shinobu
3-Jan-2020The Innateness of Human Language: Viewing from Grammatical Errors of Second Language LearnersYAMADA, Toshiyuki
1-Feb-2007Institutional Researchとしての学生調査ノウハウ構築に向けて(1) : P短期大学学生調査から大佐古, 紀雄; Osako, Norio
22-Mar-2019Insulin Regulates Lipolysis and Fat Mass by Upregulating Growth/Differentiation Factor 3 in Adipose Tissue Macrophages歩, 云; ブ, イュン; Bu, Yun
17-Jan-2014Integrated education of gross anatomy and CT radiology for current advances in medicineMurakami, Tohru; Tajika, Yuki; Ueno, Hitoshi; Awata, Sachiko; Hirasawa, Satoshi; Sugimoto, Maki; Kominato, Yoshihiko; Tsushima, Yoshito; Endo, Keigo; Yorifuji, Hiroshi
Mar-2016Integrating an Interactive Approach to Teaching Grammar in the English as a Foreign Language Classroom: A Case Study of a Japanese Senior High School StudentBergeron, Sylvain
20-Dec-2019Integrating ESP into a Japanese Commercial Universityレイツ, パトリック; Rates, Patrick
22-Mar-2019Integrin α7 and extracellular matrix Laminin 211 interaction promotes proliferation of acute myeloid leukemia cells and is associated with granulocytic sarcoma小林, 宣彦; コバヤシ, ノブヒコ; Kobayashi, Nobuhiko
1844De intellectus emendatione ; Tractatus politicus ; EpistolaeSpinoza, Benedictus de; Bruder, Carl Hermann
Showing results 2565 to 2584 of 10793
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