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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Preparation of nanotubes and nanofibers from silicon carbide precursor polymers by using polymer blend and spinning techniquesCorrea Pacheco, Zormy Nacary; コレアパチェコ, ソルミナカリ
30-Apr-2020Prevalence and Risk Factor for Antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli Colonization at Birth in Premature Infants : A Prospective Cohort Study小泉, 亜矢; コイズミ, アヤ; Koizumi, Aya
28-Feb-2019Prevalence of and Risk Factors for Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease but without diagnosed Atrial Fibrillation新島, 桂; ニイジマ, カツラ; Niijima, Katsura
31-Mar-1994Prevalence of Anti-Toxoplasma Antibodies and Hygienic Problems among Unmarried Young WomenKako, Masako; Kondo, Yoshie; Seto, Masako; Shoda, Michiko; Sato, Kumiko
1-Nov-2011Prevalence of de Quervain’s Disease in the General Population and Risk FactorsAdachi, Satoshi; Yamamoto, Atsushi; Kobayashi, Tsutomu; Tajika, Tsuyoshi; Kaneko, Tetsuya; Shibusawa, Kazuyuki; Takagishi, Kenji
30-Apr-2018The prevalence of elbow osteoarthritis in Japanese middle-aged and elderly populations: The relationship between the risk factors and function大谷, 昇; オオヤ, ノボル; Oya, Noboru
22-Mar-2019Prevalence of rear seat belt use among pregnant women in a suburban area of Japan小川, 将太; オガワ, ショウタ; Ogawa, Shota
1-May-2014Prevention of Children’s Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke : A Biochemical Feedback Intervention Focused on Stage of Behavioral ChangeBando, Harumi; Yoshida, Tohru
7-Nov-2014Prevention of Children’s Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke : A Biochemical Feedback Intervention Focused on Stage of Behavioral Change坂東, 春美; バンドウ, ハルミ; Bando, Harumi
15-Nov-2005Primary and Aggregate Size Distributions of PM in Tail Pipe Emissions form Diesel Engines(<Special Issue>Advanced Combustion Technology in Internal Combustion Engines)ARAI, Masataka; AMAGAI, Kenji; NAKAJI, Takayuki; HAYASHI, Shinji
2006Primary and secondary school English education: How we can succeed in working with our ALTUehara, Keiko; Hoogenboom, Raymond B.
1-May-2005Primary Hepatic Leiomyosarcoma with Giant Cyst Formation : A Case ReportRokutanda, Nana; Makita, Fujio; Ohwada, Susumu; Sakamoto, Ichiro; Yoshimura, Sumihiko; Togo, Nozomi; Takeyoshi, Izumi; Morishita, Yasuo
1843Principia philosophiae ; Cogitata metaphysica ; EthicaSpinoza, Benedictus de; Bruder, Carl Hermann
2001Pri→NPiの照応について清水, 武雄; 清水, 真紀
30-Sep-2018Probabilistic dose distribution from interfractional motion in carbon ion radiation therapy for prostate cancer shows rectum sparing with moderate target coverage degradationDaniel Scott, Bridges; ダニエル スコット, ブリッジズ
31-Jul-2019Probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy for rapid on-site evaluation of transbronchial biopsy specimens竹村, 仁男; タケムラ, マサオ; Takemura, Masao
30-Sep-2011Process Development for Efficient Production of Antibodies with High Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity Activity from a YB2/0 Cell Line今野, 由信; コンノ, ヨシノブ; Konno, Yoshinobu
1-Feb-2017The Process of Accepting Functional Impairments among Male Rectal Cancer Patients after SurgeryHorikoshi, Masataka; Futawatari, Tamae
23-Mar-2017The process of accepting functional impairments among male rectalcancer patients after surgery堀越, 政孝; ホリコシ, マサタカ; Horikoshi, Masataka
1-Feb-2014The Process of End-of-life Cancer Patients Making Meaning in Continuous Purposeful Touch InterventionKaneko, Yukiko; Koitabashi, Kikuyo; Kanda, Kiyoko
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