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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Dec-2005Reaction Mechanism in Dextransucrase from Streptococcus bovis : Acceptor Specificity on the Dextran SynthesisTakagi, Katsuhiro; 高木, 勝広
28-Feb-2013The Reading Club Format for Reading Class at the University Level (1st Year Students)Uchida, Pamela
2005Reappraising the controversy between the liberal free trader and the conservative tariff reformerMatsunaga, Tomoari
31-Mar-1989Recall and Recognition of Visual Short-term Memory in SchizophreniaTanno, Yoshihiko
18-Jun-1996Recombinant Human Growth Hormone Acts on Intermediate-Sized Follicles and rescues Growing Follicles from Atresia小澤, 聖史; オザワ, キヨシ; Ozawa, Kiyoshi
23-Mar-2016Reduced expression of BTBD10 in anterior horn cells with Golgi fragmentation and pTDP-43-positive inclusions in patients with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis古田, 夏海; フルタ, ナツミ; Furuta, Natsumi
23-Mar-2018Reduced FBXW7 expression in pancreatic cancer correlates with poor prognosis, and chemotherapeutic resistance via accumulation of MCL1石井, 範洋; イシイ, ノリヒロ; Ishii, Norihiro
31-Jul-2018Reduced transient receptor potential vanilloid 2 expression in alveolar macrophages causes COPD in mice through impaired phagocytic activity増渕, 裕朗; マスブチ, ヒロアキ; Masubuchi, Hiroaki
Sep-2012Reduction and sintering of copper nano-particles by non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma jet張, 桂玲; チョウ, ケイレイ; Zhang, Guiling
25-Mar-2014Reference values for Japanese children's respiratory resistance using the LMS method萩原, 里実; ハギワラ, サトミ; Hagiwara, Satomi
31-Mar-2018A Reflection on the Use of J-Talk for Speaking of Japan B3Desrosiers, Lori Ann
28-Feb-2014The Reflexivisation System in Archaic Chinese ― specially on the difference of the function between Ji and Shen ―井上, 一之; Inoue, Kazuyuki
1855A refutation recently discovered of Spinoza by LeibnitzDe Careil, A. Foucher; Owen, Octavius Freire
1-May-2007Regulation of Proliferation and Steroidogenesis in Human Granulosa CellsAsahina, Haruka
23-Mar-2018The regulation of skin fibrosis in systemic sclerosis by extracellular ATP via P2Y2 purinergic receptorLIYANAGE, MANOSIKA BUDDHINI PERERA; リヤナゲ, マノシカ ブッディニ ペレーラ
23-Mar-2018Relations between quantitative ultrasound assessment of calcaneus and grip and key pinch power in Japanese mountain village residents永井, 彩子; ナガイ, アヤコ; Nagai, Ayako
23-Mar-2016Relations of Morale and Physical Function to the Advanced Activities of Daily Living in Health Promotion Class Participants矢嶋, 昌英; ヤジマ, マサヒデ; Yajima, Masahide
23-Mar-2017Relationship among motor function, ADL disability, and psychologic al concerns in elderly people with locomotive disorders.宮脇, 利幸; ミヤワキ, トシユキ; Miyawaki, Toshiyuki
24-Mar-2015Relationship between carotid artery intima-media thickness and small dense low-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentrations measured by homogenous assay in Japanese subjects青木, 智之; アオキ, トモユキ; Aoki, Tomoyuki
9-Jul-1999Relationship between Concentration of Serum Leptin and Fetal Growth針谷, 晃; ハリガヤ, アキラ; Harigaya, Akira
Showing results 3012 to 3031 of 10410
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