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23-Mar-2018The regulation of skin fibrosis in systemic sclerosis by extracellular ATP via P2Y2 purinergic receptorLIYANAGE, MANOSIKA BUDDHINI PERERA; リヤナゲ, マノシカ ブッディニ ペレーラ
23-Mar-2018Relations between quantitative ultrasound assessment of calcaneus and grip and key pinch power in Japanese mountain village residents永井, 彩子; ナガイ, アヤコ; Nagai, Ayako
23-Mar-2016Relations of Morale and Physical Function to the Advanced Activities of Daily Living in Health Promotion Class Participants矢嶋, 昌英; ヤジマ, マサヒデ; Yajima, Masahide
23-Mar-2017Relationship among motor function, ADL disability, and psychologic al concerns in elderly people with locomotive disorders.宮脇, 利幸; ミヤワキ, トシユキ; Miyawaki, Toshiyuki
24-Mar-2015Relationship between carotid artery intima-media thickness and small dense low-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentrations measured by homogenous assay in Japanese subjects青木, 智之; アオキ, トモユキ; Aoki, Tomoyuki
9-Jul-1999Relationship between Concentration of Serum Leptin and Fetal Growth針谷, 晃; ハリガヤ, アキラ; Harigaya, Akira
25-Mar-2014Relationship between coronary artery stenosis and cardio-ankle vascular index (CAVI) in patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery金本, 匡史; カナモト, マサフミ; Kanamoto, Masafumi
24-Mar-1997Relationship between gallbladder bile concentration and motility in conscious dogs : role of cholecystokinin村松, 誠司; ムラマツ, セイジ; Muramatsu, Seiji
1-Aug-2013The Relationship between health insurance schemes and quality of life in Bandung city, IndonesiaWiniarti, Dea; Dewi, Nora Sukma; Yamazaki, Chiho; Kameo, Satomi; Herawati, Dewi M.D.; Sekarwana, Nanan; Sunjaya, Deni K.; Koyama, Hiroshi
24-Mar-2015Relationship between joint motion and acceleration during single-leg standing in healthy male adults阿部, 洋太; アベ, ヨウタ; Abe, Yota
1-Nov-2016Relationship between Self-care Agency and Quality of Life Among Cancer Patients Undergoing Outpatient ChemotherapyYoshida, Kumiko; Kanda, Kiyoko
23-Mar-2016Relationship between spinal range of motion and trunk muscle activity during trunk rotation菅谷, 知明; スガヤ, トモアキ; Sugaya, Tomoaki
31-Dec-2019Relationships between daily life behaviors and physical activity measured using a triaxial accelerometer in elderly community-dwelling Japanese individuals石久保, 雅浩; イシクボ, マサヒロ; Ishikubo, Masahiro
23-Mar-2000Relaxation of Contracted Rabbit Tracheal and Human Bronchial Smooth Muscle by Y-27632 through Inhibition of Ca2+ Sensitization吉井, 明弘; ヨシイ, アキヒロ; Yoshii, Akihiro
20-Feb-1987Release fluoroimmunoassay(RFIA)法によるマラリア診断の試み佐藤, 久美子; 鈴木, 守
25-Mar-2014The Reliability and Validity of the Clinical Competence Evaluation Scale in Physical Therapy芳野, 純; ヨシノ, ジュン; Yoshino, Jun
1-May-2007Removal of Rare Esophageal Impacted foreign Bodies Using an Endoscopic Esophageal Balloon Catheter with an Attached PTCA Inflation DeviceSakamoto, Teruhiko; Kato, Hiroyuki; Watanabe, Noriko; Kokuho, Michiko; Kawashima, Megumi; Takenaga, Ken; Yamada, Rieko; Haga, Shun-suke
1-May-2011Rendu-Osler-Weber syndromeの出血性telangiectasiaをNBIで観察した一例乾, 正幸; 工藤, 智洋; 星野, 崇; 相馬, 宏光; 長沼, 篤; 高木, 均
23-Mar-2017Repeated administration of amitriptyline in neuropathic pain: modulation of the noradrenergic descending inhibitory system.廣木, 忠直; ヒロキ, タダナオ; Hiroki, Tadanao
Showing results 3066 to 3085 of 10708
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