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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Dec-2005Strong and stable ultraviolet emission from porous silicon prepared by photoetching in aqueous KF solutionTomioka, Katsuhiro; Adachi, Sadao
1-Aug-2005Structural and kinetic modification of aqueous hydroxypropylmethylcellulose(HPMC) induced by electron beam irrationFurusawa, Kazuya; Dobashi, Toshiaki; Morishita, Satoshi; Oyama, Mikio; Hashimoto, Tadashi; Shinyashiki, Naoki; Yagihara, Shin; Nagawasa, Naotsugu
1-Oct-2005Structural and photoluminescence properties of porous GaP formed by electrochemical etchingTomioka, Katsuhiro; Adachi, Sadao
8-May-2006Structural arrangement of crystalline/amorphous phases of polyethylene-block-polystyrene copolymer as induced by orientation techniquesUehara, Hiroki; Yoshida, Tomoyuki; Kakiage, Masaki; Yamanobe, Takeshi; Komoto, Tadashi
2007Structural characterization of N-lignoceroyl (C24:0) sphingomyelin bilayer membranes : A reevaluationTakahashi, Hiroshi; Hayakawa, Tomohiro; Kawasaki, Yuko; Ito, Kazuki; Fujisawa, Tetsuro; Kodama, Michiko; Kobayashi, Toshihide
Dec-2002Structural characterization of phosphatidylcholine-diacylglycerol system by neutron scattering and X-ray diffractionTakahashi, Hiroshi
22-Mar-2019Structural validity of Balance Evaluation Systems Test assessed usingfactor and Rasch analyses in patients with stroke宮田, 一弘; ミヤタ, カズヒロ; Miyata, Kazuhiro
9-Jan-2002Structure and mobility of a series of poly(alkyl L-glutamate)s studied by VT C-13 CPMAS NMR spectroscopyNaito, Y; Komoto, T; Yamanobe, T
8-May-2006Structure and morphology of diamond-like carbon coated on nylon 66/poly(phenylene ether) alloyIgarashi, Akira; Hayashi, Hiroshi; Yamanobe, Takeshi; Komoto, Tadashi
Jun-2005Structure and thermal history dependant phase behavior of hydrated synthetic sphingomyelin analogue: 1,2-dimyristamido-1,2-deoxyphosphatidylcholineTakahashi, Hiroshi; Okumura, Yukihisa; Sunamoto, Junzo
31-Mar-2008Student self-editing of written work using online concordanceJennings, Stephen
31-Mar-2014Student's Reactions to the Use of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) in their English StudiesDeadman, Mark
19-Mar-1997A Study of Accounting Information : Environmental Problems and Information Disclosure in JapanNakajima, Teruo; Nakajima, Hiroko
31-Mar-2018A Study of Basic 3D Visualization Architecture for Network Operation and Management ToolsOgashiwa, Nobuo
Mar-2013A Study of dynamic force measurement based on the levitation mass method金, 涛; キン, タオ; JIN, TAO
22-Mar-2019Study of education on natural disaster preparedness for psychiatric patients坂入, 和也; サカイリ, カズヤ; Sakairi, Kazuya
25-Mar-2014Study of High Efficiency and Low Input Voltage Power Conversion Circuits for Energy Harvesting ApplicationsNosker, Zachary Zehner; ナスカー, ザカリー ゼナー
Sep-2012Study of NOx removal characteristics under dielectric barrier discharge fieldTRAN, QUANG VINH; チャン, クァン ビン
23-Mar-2016Study of radiation diagnostics and position estimation for accurate dose distribution measurement in heavy ion cancer therapyRaj Kumar, Parajuli; ラジュ クマル, パラジュリ
1996A Study of Social Information and Corporate Social AccountingNakajima, Teruo
Showing results 3216 to 3235 of 10702
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