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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2012Study of NOx removal characteristics under dielectric barrier discharge fieldTRAN, QUANG VINH; チャン, クァン ビン
23-Mar-2016Study of radiation diagnostics and position estimation for accurate dose distribution measurement in heavy ion cancer therapyRaj Kumar, Parajuli; ラジュ クマル, パラジュリ
1996A Study of Social Information and Corporate Social AccountingNakajima, Teruo
31-Mar-2010A Study of the Process Writing Approach: A Suggestion for an Eclectic Writing ApproachOnozawa, Chieko
Feb-2012A study of the relationship between governmental and non-governmental disaster preventionSripramai, Keerati; スリプラマイ, キーラティ
30-Mar-2015Study of water treatment using photocatalytic material杉田, 剛; スギタ, ツヨシ; Sugita, Tsuyoshi
25-Mar-2014Study on Design Methods for Modi ed Smith PredictorMai, Thi Nghia; マイ, ティ ニャー
Mar-2013Study on design methods for simple repetitive control systems with specified input-output frequency characteristic坂主, 樹哉; サカヌシ, タツヤ; Sakanushi, Tatsuya
23-Mar-2016Study on Design of Wide-Band Vibration-Based Piezoelectric Power GeneratorAmat, Amir bin Basari; アマット, アミル ビン バサリ
30-Sep-2016Study on Fe-Cr-based Brazing Filler Metals as Substitutes for Ni-based Brazing Filler Metals石, 康道; イシ, コウドウ; Shi, Kangdao
Mar-2014Study on High-Performance PDLC Optical DevicesBinti Zainal Abidin, Intan Syazwani
Mar-2013A Study on Nursing Articles on Literature-Based Education in Both the US and UKUbukawa, Emiko; Miyazaki, Yoko; Hayashi, Nobuko; 鵜生川,恵美子; 宮崎,洋子; 林,ノブ子
Sep-2010A Study on Retention Mechanism of Recombinant Human Monoclonal Antibodies in Hydroxyapatite Chromatography中川, 泰志郎; ナカガワ, タイシロウ; Nakagawa, Taishiro
23-Mar-2016Study on semistrongly stabilizing controllers干川, 達也; ホシカワ, タツヤ; Hoshikawa, Tatsuya
Jun-2008Study on the Preparation, Photophysics and Photostability of J-aggregate Thin Films of Cyanine Dyes谷, 克彦; タニ, カツヒコ; Tani, Katsuhiko
2007Study on the Treatment of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicalsin Wastewater by Ionizing Radiation木村, 敦; キムラ, アツシ; Kimura, Atsushi
23-Mar-2017STXBP4 drives tumor growth and is associated with poor prognosis through PDGF Receptor signaling in lung squamous cell carcinoma大高, 行博; オオタカ, ユキヒロ; Otaka, Yukihiro
1-Nov-2007Sub-acute Toxicosis Caused by a Multiple Doses Tegafur/Uracil (UFT) for Suicide : A Case ReportHagiwara, Shuichi; Ogino, Takashi; Takahashi, Yuga; Isaka, Akira; Nameki, Taro; Kagoshima, Kaie; Yamada, Takuro; Ishihara, Kouichi; Hiraishi, Hikaru; Kurabayashi, Kazutaka; Handa, Hiroshi; Iino, Yuichi
1-Aug-2006Successful Intervention for Descending Necrotizing Mediastinitis : A Case ReportIsaka, Akira; Oshima, Kiyohiro; Hinohara, Hiroshi; Hayashi, Yoshiro; Kunimoto, Fumio
1-Aug-2010Successful Treatment of Recurrent Gastric Cancer with Chemotherapy for M ore than 6 Years : A Case ReportKeitaro, Hirai; Izumi, Takeyoshi; Yutaka, Sunose; Daisuke, Yoshinari; Kazuhisa, Arakawa; Osamu, Totsuka; Hiroyuki, Toya; Hiroomi, Ogawa; Norifumi, Takahashi; Kazumi, Tanaka
Showing results 3236 to 3255 of 10708
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