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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2020C-SWE SWE法による高精度針位置可視化システム太田, 聖人
Mar-2022C-SWE 法を用いた生体組織弾性計測法の検討寺内, 紳悟
Mar-2020C-SWE法による痙縮腕の定量評価堀口, 悠希
Mar-2020C-SWE法を用いた骨格筋への筋弾性特性評価系の構築伊賀, 賢一
30-Sep-2020C5NH6(BF4)1−x(PF6)x結晶におけるダイポールガラス状態の発見とその熱および誘電的特性化野本, 雅樹; ノモト, マサキ; Nomoto, Masaki
30-Nov-2015A cadaveric study of the cervical nerve roots and spinal segments小林, 亮一; コバヤシ, リョウイチ; Kobayashi, Ryoichi
16-Mar-2012CAD・CAM補助教材の開発 : FreeCADおよびMach3の利用金子, 忠夫; 樫本, 弘
1-Aug-2014Calciphylaxisによると考えられた陰茎壊死の1例宮澤, 慶行; 田村, 芳美; 大木, 一成
1979A Calculation of Rational Cohomology Classes on Some Complex ToriMurasaki, Takeaki
31-Mar-2016CALL and Task Based Language Teaching through WebQuest: Challenges and Opportunities井口, 幹夫; イグチ, ミキオ; Iguchi, Mikio
1-Aug-2017Can 18F FDG PET Predict131I Radioiodine Therapeutic Response in Metastatic Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma?Zhang, Xieyi; Higuch, Tetsuya; Achmad, Arifudin; Tomonaga, Hiroyasu; Yamaguchi, Aiko; Nguyen, Thu Huong; Bhattara, Anu; Takahashi, Ayako; Tsushima, Yoshito
29-Feb-2020Can We Find Any Sustained Neurofunctional Alteration in Remitted Depressive Patients with a History of Modified Electroconvulsive Therapy?齊藤, 良; サイトウ, リョウ; Saito, Ryo
1-Aug-2015Canadian Occupational Performance Measureを用い た作業療法士としての終末期がん患者のいきがいへの関 わり小林, 優地; 関矢, 有華; 村岡, やす子; 渡邉, 彩子; 長嶋, 起久雄
1-May-2015Cancer Treatment in Nepal:A Historical Background, Development of Treatment Facilities,Epidemiology and Challenges for Prevention and Control of CancerSharma Subedi, Kalloo; Sharma, Pragya
1-Aug-2010Candida Glabrata Fungemia After Amputation of an Infected Diabetic FootTakeshi, Fujiwara; Takashi, Nagai; Katsumi, Kaneko; Kazunori, Tonouchi; Kazuma, Okamoto; Ken, Masubuchi; Takao, Ishizuka; Kunihiko, Iizuka; Yoshio, Umegae
23-Mar-2018A carbon CT system: how to obtain accurate stopping power ratio using a Bragg peak reduction techniqueSung Hyun, Lee; ソンヒョン, イ
22-Mar-2019Carboxypeptidase A4 accumulation associated with aggressive phenotype and poor prognosis in triple-negative breast cancer半田, 正; ハンダ, タダシ; Handa, Tadashi
23-Mar-2018Cardiorespiratory dynamics of rescuers during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a hypoxic environment佐藤, 友信; サトウ, トモノブ; Sato, Tomonobu
Mar-2002Cardiovascular responses to apelin-12 injection into the ventral medullary surface in ratsTakayama, Kiyoshige; Kumaki, Iku; Motegi, Shunichi; Hou, Xing Hua; Tatemoto, Kazuhiko
1-Nov-2016A Case of a Resected Ileosigmoid Knot in an Older Schizophrenic PatientOkuda, Yoichi; Oshiro, Yukio; Enomoto, Tsuyoshi; Ohkohchi, Nobuhiro
Showing results 2005 to 2024 of 11278
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