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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-May-2009「D&D 2008」特集号発刊に際し永井, 健一
Jun-2001D-17 全身性強皮症患者皮膚線維芽細胞のタイプIコラーゲンα2 (COLIA2)プロモーターのin vivoフットプリント法を用いた解析大西, 一徳; 久保田, 弥恵; 石川, 治
Jun-2001D-25 皮膚ムコ多糖の二糖分析を施行しえた皮膚ムチノーシス天野, 博雄; 大西, 一徳; 横山, 洋子; 田村, 政昭; 石川, 治
30-Sep-2020Dapagliflozin Inhibits Cell Adhesion to Collagen I and IV and Increases Ectodomain Proteolytic Cleavage of DDR1 by Increasing ADAM10 Activity岡田, 純一; オカダ, ジュンイチ; Okada, Junichi
22-Mar-2019Dapagliflozin rescues endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated cell death.澁澤, 良; シブサワ, リョウ; Shibusawa, Ryo
26-Aug-2014Dealing with Depopulation in JapanBUSH, Jerre
31-Mar-2012Dealing with Teaching Academic Writing in English in Japanese Higher Education: From an Approach for Autobiographical NarrativeFujieda, Yutaka
2-Mar-2020DEAとInverted DEAのノンパラメトリック検定を用いた JR 本州3社とJR3島会社の事業活動効率に対する大手私鉄との比較検証杉山, 学; SUGIYAMA, Manabu
1-Mar-2018DEAとInverted DEAのノンパラメトリック検定を用いたわが国の電力各社の生産性に対する電力自由化の効果検証杉山, 学; SUGIYAMA, Manabu; スギヤマ, マナブ
31-Mar-2003DEAに基づく入出力項目が連鎖したDMUの効率評価杉山, 学
23-Mar-2016Decreased lamin B1 levels affect gene positioning and expression in postmitotic neurons野口, 東美; ノグチ, アヅミ; Noguchi, Azumi
1-Aug-2018Deep Learning を用いた高精度画像の生成早山, 幸憲; 久保田, 佳樹; 取越, 正己
24-Mar-2020Deep learning-assisted literature mining for in vitro radiosensitivity data小松, 秀一郎; コマツ, シュウイチロウ; Komatsu, Shuichiro
24-Mar-2020Deep White Matter Lesions Are Associated with Early Recognition of Dementia in Alzheimer's Disease.笠原, 浩生; カサハラ, ヒロオ; Ksahara, Hiroo
30-Sep-2021Defluidization of silica sand or clay particle beds by palm empty fruit bunch(EFB) ashes addition in bubbling fluidized bed(BFB)process.Prima, Zuldian; プリマ, ズルディアン
1-Aug-2011DELAYED BREAST CELLULITISの一例牛島, 弘毅; 工藤, 滋弘; 岡本, 雅彦; 樋口, 啓子; 玉木, 義雄; 北本, 佳住
24-Mar-2015Deletion of the RUNX1 binding site in the erythroid cell-specific regulatory element of the ABO gene in two individuals with the Am phenotype高橋, 遥一郎; タカハシ, ヨウイチロウ; Takahashi, Yoichiro
15-May-1992Density Measurements of Underexpanded Free Jets of Air from Circular and Square Nozzles by Means of Moire-Schlieren MethodTABEI, Katsu'ine; SHIRAI, Hiroyuki; TAKAKUSAGI, Fumio
1839Der Spinozismus : historisch und philosophisch erläutert, mit Beziehung auf ältere und neuere AnsichtenSigwart, Heinrich Christoph Wilhelm
1-Aug-2012Der(2)t(2;11)(p21;q23), a Variant form of t(2;11), in Biphenotypic Acute Leukemia with T Lymphoid Lineage and M yeloid Lineage DifferentiationMiyazawa, Yuri; Irisawa, Hiroyuki; Matsushima, Takafumi; Mitsui, Takeki; Uchiumi, Hideki; Saitoh, Takayuki; Handa, Hiroshi; Karasawa, Masamitsu; Murakami, Hirokazu; Tsukamoto, Norifumi; Nojima, Yoshihisa
Showing results 2160 to 2179 of 11278
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