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Title: 保育科学生の文章表現力について
Other Titles: Writing Ability of Students at the Department of Early Childhood Education of Ikuei Junior College
Authors: 佐藤, 達全
Sato, Tatsuzen
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2002
Publisher: 育英短期大学
Citation: 育英短期大学研究紀要 19, 6-80, 2002
Abstract: 大学生の「文章力が低下した」と言われて久しい。レポートの文章に話しことばが紛れこんでいたり,「である」調と「です・ます」調が混在していたりするのはよいほうで,意味に関係なく同じ発音の漢字が使われることも少なくない。ひどいものになると,「て・に・を・は」さえも正確に書けていない文章も見受けられる。当の本人はそんなことには一向に無頓着で,間違いを指摘すると,なぜそんな細かなことまで言われなくてはならないのかという表情である。確かに,普段の生活では文章が書けないために困ることはほとんどないといってよい。一人一人が電話を持っている現在では,手紙を書く必要性はほとんど感じない。何か文章を書かねばならない場面に出会っても,パソコンには一般的な例文集は用意されているし,文章を作成する場合も自動的に漢字に変換される。しかし,いくら社会が変化しても,文章を書くことがなくなるわけではないし,職業によっては日常的に文章を書かねばならない立場の人もいる。保育者もその一人である。「園だより」や保護者との「連絡ノート」さらに「保育の記録」「研修報告」など,保育現場では文章を書くことがたくさんある。しかもそれらは自分のメモとしてではなく,第三者が読むことを前提として書く場合が少なくない。だとすれば,最低限の文章力を身につけておくことが求められるのは当然であろう。そこで学生の実態を紹介し,「国語表現演習」での取り組みとその結果について考察した。 It has long been said that writing ability of college students has been deteriorated. Some of the spoken words are put in their term papers and "de-aru" and "desu" forms are mingled with "masu" form and it is often found that they tend to use homonyms without considerning their meanings. To make matters worse, we sometimes see sentences in which even "te, ni, o, and ha" are not properly used. The students themselves do not seem to care about the mistakes. When their mistakes were pointed out, it seems that they do not understand it and wonder why they are told to correct such small things. It is true that we rarely have any trouble in our daily life even if we can not write properly. At present every individual has his own telephone and we find no necessity to write letters. Even though we have something to write about, convenient manuals help us type it out on a computer, which also changes the letters automatically into the proper Chinese characters. Whatever changes our society experiences, however, we will surely have something to write about. People with some professions have to write for their daily duties. Teachers for early childhood education are among them. They often have to write newsletters, notebooks to correspond with parents, record diaries for children and workshop reports, which are usually regarded not only as their own notes but as the documents other people are supposed to read. We are thus required to have a minimum level of writing ability. In this paper I showed the present situation of the students and examined the activities and result of the class "Japanese Writing Seminar.
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ISSN: 0914-3351
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