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Title: 自閉症児のコミュニケーションについての一考察
Other Titles: A Study of Communication with Autistic Children
Authors: 高田, 隆
Takada, Takashi
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2002
Publisher: 育英短期大学
Citation: 育英短期大学研究紀要 19, 57-68, 2002
Abstract: 自閉症児は,人とのコミュニケーションをとることが苦手で,コミュニケーション障害であると言われる。しかし,一年間でも自閉症児とともに過ごし,各自の個性が明らかになると,彼らは言語表現こそ不得手であるが,動作などの非言語性のものを含めた意思の投げかけの頻度は,健常児とあまり差がないと感じる人は多く,実際にその通りである例は多い。一般的に自閉症児は器質的には発声・発語が可能とされている。個人差が大きいとはいえ,心の中に内在する言語をいかに発声させるか。この方法について保育・教育現場では様々な試行錯誤が繰り返され,個別もしくは集団によるアプローチが確立されてきた。過渡的な方法として絵カードなどの補助・代替的なコミュニケーションが用いられ,功を奏する例も増えている。今回は主に文部科学省の研究指定校で多くの自閉症児が在籍するA学園の指導事例を考察し,その指導段階を明確にしていく。ここでは,最初は彼らの発するコミュニケーション行動のすべてを受け入れ,徐々に個人能力に応じて,言語的なコミュニケーションに発展させていく。言語の顕著な発達は,自閉症児の生活全体を豊かにすることによって,さらに「言語を話すことが必要な環境設定」によって実現の可能性が増す。そして,周囲の大人がコミュニケーションマインドを持ち,きめ細かな反復性のある指導を行うことが重要である。 Autistic children are not good at communicating with people and also known as communication handicapped. However, if you spent an entire year with these children and once their identities became clear, many people would feel that there is not much difference as compared to the children without this type of disorder (e.g., how frequently they intend to have non-verbal communication) though autistic children still would not be good in verbal communications. In fact, many of such cases have been reported. In general, autistic children are capable of vocalizing their thoughts. It varies substantially how they vocalize what they feel in their mind. For this method, many trials and errors have been conducted. Though not sufficient, approaches for individuals and for groups have been established. One of the methods is to introduse drawings, which are called augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Occasionally, this method brings a good success. For this time, we are going to examine a school, where many autistic children attend.This is a designated school of Ministry of Education and Science. Through this study, training steps are defined. First, allow all types of communication behaviors, and gradually develop verbal communications, according to the capacity of an individual. The development of their verbal communication will be even more notable by accommodating the environment in which they live in, thus increase the possibility to realize verbal communication. In addition, it is essential that adults who are around autistic children shoud maintain the attitude to facilitate and encourage communications, and provide repetitive trainings, which are typically very details in nature.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/10899
ISSN: 0914-3351
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