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タイトル: Scratch とmbot を用いたソフトウェアとハードウェア両面からの中学生向け体験型プログラミング教育:群馬高専スマートサイエンススクールにおける取組
その他のタイトル: A Software and Hardware Programming Education for Junior High School Students Using Scratch and Mbot
著者: 荒川, 達也
Arakawa, Tatsuya
市村, 智康
Ichimura, Tomoyasu
発行日: 2017年3月23日
出版者: 群馬工業高等専門学校
引用: 群馬高専レビュー,(35),83-87
抄録: This report describes a programming education for junior high school students in both application software and embedded systems. Themes of the software and hardware programming were “game” and “robot”, respectively. We adopted a beginner’s programming environment Scratch as a common education support tool of software and hardware. Furthermore, educational robot mbot, programmable by the Scratch, is employed for the hardware programming. First, students enjoyed programming their games with the Scratch. Then, they studied how to program the robot easily with the same environment. The results of questionnaire showed that most of the students are satisfied with our education.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/11246
ISSN: 0288-6936


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