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タイトル: 演説とともにツイッターを : ドナルド・トランプと英語教育における修辞学の機能
その他のタイトル: Speeches with Tweets : Donald Trump and the Function of Rhetoric in English Education
著者: 八鳥, 吉明
発行日: 2018年3月26日
出版者: 群馬工業高等専門学校
引用: 群馬高専レビュー,(36),53-58
抄録: It is fruitful to utilize, in some cases with a critical attitude, United States presidential speeches as basically exemplary texts for learning English. In other words, these speeches have aspects of textbooks for learners of English who want to enrich their vocabulary, learn grammar, and enhance their listening and speaking skills. They also become good texts for learning speech communication and rhetoric, and may result in learning history. In fact, the ascension to the U.S. presidency of Barack Obama, who was famous for his sophisticated speeches, triggered publication in Japan of a lot of books about Obama, some of which treated his speeches as materials for learning English. On the other hand, Donald Trump, who succeeded Obama to the presidency, is infamous for his speeches and tweets, which may appear inappropriate as English textbooks, except that they are rather easy to read. Simplicity, repetitions, contradictions, lies, and emotions, to cite a few examples, characterize his language. It is undeniable, however, that this “rhetoric” of Trump’s is closely linked to the post-truth era. Thus, reading Trump’s words analytically and critically in terms of rhetoric can lead to understanding our times more properly. In this sense, Trump’s presidential speeches, together with his private tweets, which may seem peripheral but are indispensable for understanding not only him but also what is happening in the world, can be used as “textbooks.”
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/11990
ISSN: 2433-9776


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