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タイトル: 上信電鉄沿線市町村における映像作品撮影誘致による地域活性化の可能性
その他のタイトル: The potential of revitalization of local communities along the Joshin Dentetsu line through promotion of on-location shoots for films and television series
著者: 岩下, 千恵子
Iwashita, Chieko
イワシタ, チエコ
キーワード: コンテンツツーリズム
発行日: 2018年12月20日
出版者: 高崎商科大学メディアセンター
引用: 高崎商科大学紀要.33.1-14(2018)
抄録: Film tourism or contents tourism has grown as a new form of tourism because there has been a growing trend for tourists visit places or locations used for successful films and television dramas. Japans regional revitalization efforts have also become active, with local film commissions promoting each region through attracting film and television drama makers for shooting on location. Film and television productions are expected to leave legacies that can remain within communities long after the film or television drama was shown by contributing to raising the profile of a community, film tourism product development, and image enhancement, etc.   This paper considers the potential of revitalization of local communities, Kanra, Tomioka, and Shimonita through promotion of shooting for picture works such as films and television dramas. It can be concluded that three communities have the potential for revitalization by the multiplier effects associated with hosting film and television productions partly or exclusively in the regions.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/12335
ISSN: 1347-703X


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