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Title: 看護学教員の看護実践能力維持・向上に関する研究の動向
Other Titles: Current state of research into maintenance and improvement of practical nursing competence among nursing educators
Authors: 伊藤, 美鈴
Ito, Misuzu
Keywords: 看護学教員
Nursing educators
practical nursing competence
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2019
Publisher: 桐生大学紀要委員会
Citation: 桐生大学紀要. 29, 9-17 (2018)
Abstract: 要 約  本研究の目的は,看護学教員の看護実践能力維持・向上に関する研究の動向を解明し,その結果を基に,看護学 教員の看護実践能力維持・向上の実現に向け,取り組むべき研究課題を検討することである.  医学中央雑誌を用い「教員」,「看護実践」をキーワードとし,1983年から2015年に発表された国内文献で,研究の 種類を「原著論文」,「会議録」として検索した.その結果,看護学教員の看護実践能力維持・向上に関する18件の研究 を検索でき,これらを分析対象とした.データ化は「研究数と年次推移」,「研究の種類」,「研究内容」等により構成さ れた分析フォームを用いた.Berelson,B.の内容分析の手法を用いて,各研究の目的・方法・成果をコード化し,コー ドの意味内容の類似性に基づいてカテゴリ化した.  分析対象とした研究は18件であった.年次推移は毎年1~3件,研究の種類は質的研究が55.6%を占めた.対象研 究18件から20内容コードが抽出され,5カテゴリが明らかになった.5種類の特徴を持つ研究内容は,教員の看護継 続教育の現状と評価,教員の自己認識,教員特性との関係の3つの側面から研究が行われていることを示唆した. 具体的な教員の行動,教員に必要な看護実践能力,組織的な取り組みに関する研究が行われておらず,その必要性 を示した.今後の研究課題として≪看護学教員の看護実践能力維持・向上のための行動の解明≫など3点を示唆した.          Abstract  This study was conducted to elucidate the trends in research into the maintenance and improvement of practical nursing competence among nursing educators, and to use the results as the basis for investigating issues that should be addressed in future research, in pursuit of achieving maintenance and improvement of practical nursing competence among nursing educators. The Igaku Chuo Zasshi online database was searched using the keywords “educator” and “nursing practice” to identify Japanese articles published between 1983 and 2015 categorized as“ original articles” or“ conference minutes.” Data creation was done using an analysis form composed of“ number of studies and annual trends,”“ type of research,”“ research content” and other data. Berelson's technique for content analysis was used to code the objectives, methods, and results of each study and to categorize codes based on similarities in semantic content. Eighteen articles on studies were subjected to analysis. The annual trend was one to three articles per year and qualitative studies accounted for 55.6% of the total. Twenty content-related codes were extracted from the 18 articles and five categories were reveale d. The content of research with these five characteristics suggested that research was being conducted from three aspects: current state and evaluation of educators' continuing education for nurses, educators' self-awareness, and the relationship with educator characteristics. The findings of this study suggested three points for future research topics, including“ elucidating the actions required to maintain and improve practical nursing competence among nursing educators.”
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/12374
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