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Title: 新人看護師の看護基本技術習得に向けた統合型評価システムの有用性の検討
Other Titles: Evaluation of the Efficacy of an Integrated Evaluation System for Novice Nurses to Acquire Nursing Basic Skills
Authors: 丸山, 公子
Maruyama, Masako
梅澤, 雄一
Umezawa, Yuichi
大内, 晴美
Ouchi, Harumi
日野, 雅代
Hino, Masayo
内田, 有美子
Utida, Yumiko
阿部, 美由紀
Abe, Miyuki
尾内, 恭子
Onai, Kyoko
松田, 安弘
Matuda, Yasuhiro
Keywords: 新人看護師
novice nurses
acquire basic nursing skills
integrated evaluation system
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Publisher: 群馬県立県民健康科学大学
Citation: 群馬県立県民健康科学大学紀要14, 51-66. (2019)
Abstract: 目的:看護基本技術習得に向けた統合型評価システムが,新人看護師の技術習得と課題の明確化につながっているかを明らかにし,システムの有用性を検討する. 方法:①システムを使用した新人看護師(以下システム使用後)14名とシステムを使用していない新人看護師20名のチェックリストの得点を統計学的に分析した.②システム使用後14名の課題を表す「整理シート」の記述を内容分析した.③システム使用後14名の知覚をインタビューし内容分析した. 結果:①入職1か月,6か月,1年でシステム使用後の得点が有意に高かった.②整理シートの課題は,自己学習や日常生活援助などが多く時期の経過とともに内容も変化した.③システム使用後14名の知覚は,【システムの使用で課題が明確になった】,【チェックリストが目標となり取り組めた】など,12カテゴリを形成した. 結論:システムの活用は,技術習得,課題の明確化,目標設定などを促進し有用性を示唆した.
Objectives: To clarify whether an integrated evaluation system for novice nurses will contribute to the acquisition of skills and clarify nursing tasks [Does this reflect your intended meaning here and below?], and to evaluate the effectiveness of that system. Methods: We compared checklist scores of 14 novice nurses who used the system and 20 novice nurses who did not use the system by statistical analysis. “Summary sheets” that described problems with nursing tasks experienced by nurses who used the system were analyzed. In addition, we interviewed the nurses who used the system to obtain their impression of the system. Results: The scores of nurses who used the system were significantly higher at 1, 6, and 12 months after beginning their jobs. Most of the tasks observed on the summary sheets were related to self-learning and daily living care for patients; however, the tasks listed on the summary sheets changed over time as the nurses gained more experience [Is this addition ok?]. Nurses' impressions of system were classified into 12 categories, such as [use of the system helped to clarify tasks] and [ability to concentrate on completing the checklist as a goal]. Conclusions: The introduction of this system promoted the effective acquisition of skills, identification of problems, and setting of goals.
Description: 報告
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/12405
ISSN: 1991-0691
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