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Title: 農業生物のゲノム情報解析研究
Other Titles: 国産品種ダイズのゲノム配列解析とカイコゲノムデータベースの開発
Authors: 下村, 道彦
Keywords: ダイズゲノム解析
soybean genome analysis
cultivar Enrei
phylogenetic tree
anthocyanin and flavonoid biosynthesis
silkworm genome database KAIKObase
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2019
Abstract: The genome information of agrobiological organisms has become an indispensable tool in both basic and applied researches. Soybean genomics information was analyzed to create genome information effective for breeding and improvement of specific traits, and to provide information through a genome platform. An efficient genome platform to provide the analyzed silkworm genome information was developed. In the case of soybean, although a reference genome based on variety Williams 82 was available, it could not be used efficiently in the breeding and improvement of domestic varieties due to the differences in the lineage with the domestic varieties. Accordingly, the genomic sequence of the domestic soybean variety Enrei was analyzed and gene models were developed. As a result, differences in the gene models of Williams 82 and Enrei were clarified in terms of anthocyanin flavonoid biosynthesis system, phylogenetic analysis, mature seed proteins, cotyledons etc. The Enrei genome sequence data was integrated into DAIZUbase, a soybean genome database. The database became available for soybean breeding etc. based on the genome information. In the case of the silkworm genome, a platform for efficient utilization of large and diverse silkworm genomics information was constructed. The genome sequence, genetic map information, expression sequence tag data, gene information, enhancer trap strain information, and protein information were consolidated into the silkworm genome database KAIKObase. A framework that enables collective browsing for linkage map and physical map, scaffolds and contigs, BAC and fosmid ends, FPC, SNP markers and trait markers, genome annotation, gene models etc. with sequence and keyword function was constructed. As a result, a genome infrastructure that integrates various genomics information was developed which could be used for improvement of sericulture and development of new pest control methods.
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ISSN: 13438867
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