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Title: 広領域可変色素レーザーによるNO_2励起及び蛍光スペクトルの光電側光
Other Titles: Photometry of Fluorescence and Excitation Spectra of NO_2 Excited with Widely Ranged Tunable Dye Laser
Authors: 竹澤, 賛三
飯田, 義裕
中野, 稔
Keywords: Tunable Dye Laser
Excitation Spectrum
Issue Date: 29-Mar-1991
Publisher: 群馬大学医療技術短期大学部
Citation: 群馬大学医療技術短期大学部紀要. 11, 139-148 (1991)
Abstract: A tunable laser system with the wide wavelength region, ranged from near IR to near uv (220nm to 5μm) was investigated for the fluorescence and excitation spectra of NO_2. A dye laser was pumped by a powerful Nd: YAG laser with 980mJ in the fundamental (1064nm), with 420mJ in the second harmonic (532nm) and with 210mJ in the third harmonic oscillation (355nm). These powerful laser beam is essential for the multiphoton excitation. The line width of laser beam was about 0.1cm-1 when used a ethalon. Various commercial dyes were used for producing the laser beams in the visible region. The frequency doubling or mixing after doubling method with nonlinear optics was adopted for the generation of the near uv beam. Also near IR beam was obtained from the Stokes Raman shifting by using the vibrational energy of hydrogen and dye laser beam. For originally feeble fluorescence the S/N ratio of spectral lines was improved by adjusting scanning speed of a stepping motor and by repeating a photon counting in the same wavelength range. The output of photon counting and the gate-ime width were designed to be controlled by combining a photon counter or a fast gated integrated Boxcar averager with a personal computer. The fluorescence and excitation spectra in the ^2B_1-^2A_1 and ^2B_2-^2A_1 systems of NO_2 were mainly observed and discussed in connection with their potentials. In spite of the numerous investigations done previously, the entire profile of the electronic states of NO_2 is still obscure in the spectroscopic sense. The laser, covering the widely ranged wavelength region with the single system, is not only highly effective in resolving the unknown problems concerned with NO_2, but useful for measurements of any weak fluorescence.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/2190
ISSN: 0389-7540
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