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Title: 学習者用オンライン英文検索システムの構築
Other Titles: Design of On-Line Corpus Search System for EFL Learners
Authors: 大名, 力
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2000
Publisher: 群馬大学社会情報学部
Citation: 群馬大学社会情報学部研究論集. 7, 125-142 (2000)
Abstract: EFL learners should acquire not only individual lexical items but also grammatical and natural collocations. In reading activities, students tend to pay attention only to the meaning of each word, especially content words, and often ignore how words are used in collocations. Such knowledge is indispensable for development of writing, speaking, and listening abilities. A great deal of this kind of information is provided in dictionaries, explicitly or implicitly through examples, but it is often overlooked by learners. One solution to this problem is to expose the learners to activities requiring deducing rules from examples. In such activities, the computer's search and sort functions, especially KWIC programs, are usually used. Although they are useful for linguists and EFL learners, classroom application is often hampered by difficulty in use. In this paper, I present a corpus search system which incorporates the following : a user-friendly WWW-based interface with easy-to-specify options on search conditions ; a corpus with texts relatively easy for university-level students to understand and appropriate as model sentences for them to use. The texts are ta ed to facilitate usage ; a Japanese-English dictionary with words usually not found in learners' dicrionaries, though necessary for university-level students. This dictionary is directly linked to the search system and students can search examples directly from the dictionary search results. This system was designed specifically as a user-friendly, instructional tool for university-level Japanese students. It will be beneficial for Japanese EFL learners in the development of English competence as well as computer literacy skills.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/2306
ISSN: 1346-8812
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