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Title: 流れの可視化と画像解析によるダリウス風車周りの流れ場に関する研究
Other Titles: Investigation of Flow Field around a Darrieus Rotor by Flow Visualization and Image Analysis
Authors: 藤沢, 延行
堀, 陽一
Keywords: Flow Measurements
Flow Visualization
Digital Image Processing
Fluid Machinery
Issue Date: 25-Feb-1997
Publisher: 日本機械学会
Citation: 日本機械学會論文集 B編. 63(606), 590-595 (1997)
Abstract: Flow around a Darrieus wind turbine operating at low tip-speed ratios is studied by flow visualization using the dye injection technique and also by measuring the velocity field using a particle imaging and conditional sampling technique. The instantaneous flow patterns observed upon the visualization pictures correspond well to the measured velocity distributions, vorticity contours and velocity magnitude maps. It is found that two pairs of mushroom-type vortices are shed from the blade during a rotation of the rotor, which is due to the dynamic stall phenomenon. These stall vortices are produced by the flow separation over the suction side of the blade and the formation of roll-up vortices from the pressure side. The stall vortices at small incidence angles advance to the returning blade side, while those at large incidence angles grow along the moving blade and interact with flow near the blade. The effect of tip-speed ratios on the growth of stall vortices is also examined.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/2543
ISSN: 0387-5016
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