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Title: ArFエキシマレーザを用いたレーザ誘起蛍光法による拡散火炎内のNO計測
Other Titles: NO Measurement in Diffusion Flames by a Laser Induced Fluorescence Method with ArF Excimer Laser
Authors: 新井, 雅隆
天谷, 賢児
長倉, 邦仁
Keywords: Diffusion Combustion
Spectroscopic Measurement
Laser Induced Fluorescence
Excimer Laser
Issue Date: 25-Jun-1998
Publisher: 日本機械学会
Citation: 日本機械学會論文集 B編. 64(622), 1925-1931 (1998)
Abstract: Laser induced fluorescence method was applied for the measurement of NO concentration in the propane and methane diffusion flames. A tunable, narrow band ArF excimer laser was used to excite the D (υ′=0) ←X (υ″=1) band of NO molecule. Emission spectrum of the induced light by a laser beam was measured by a spectroscope. Spectrum of the induced light from the diffusion flame was compared with that of the premixed flame. Although the spectrum had only NO fluorescence components on premixed flame, a lot of strong spectrum components related to the laser induced incandescence of the soot and laser induced breakdown appeared in the spectrum from the diffusion flame. NO fluorescence component was picked out from the emission spectrum with traversing the irradiate position of laser beam in order to obtain the accurate distribution of NO fluorescence on the flame axis. In this paper this method was named as S-LIF method. A planer laser induced fluorescence (P-LIF) method was tried to measure the distribution of NO fluorescence on the flame axis. In the P-LIF method, an interference filter was used to remove the obstructive light component from the LIF image. NO fluorescence distribution measured by P-LIF method was compared with that of S-LIF method. As the result, the P-LIF image qualitatively agreed with the data of S-LIF. It was confirmed that the interference filter did not remove completely the obstructive light components.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/2574
ISSN: 0387-5016
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