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Title: Suffering Among the Families of Cancer Patients : Conceptual Analysis
Authors: Seyama, Ruka
Kanda, Kiyoko
Keywords: Cancer
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2008
Publisher: 北関東医学会
Citation: The Kitakanto medical journal. 58(1), 71-76 (2008)
Abstract: We clarified the construct of the suffering among the families of cancer patients based on domestic and overseas studies that had been announced up to now as original article. Referencing Walker’s concept analysis, we extracted the concept of suffering by looking at the general uses of the word “suffering”, suffering as viewed in psychology and studies on the suffering of families of cancer patients. We found that such, suffering consisted of two constructs unpleasant psychological pain and uncertainty about the future. Also it was considered that the precedent matters of the suffering of the families were “To understand the pain of the patients” and “To be put in a difficult situation where there was no prospect”. As a result of the suffering, “Depression that made one staying indoors in oneself leading a decline in a sense of emotion and joy” and “Anger that easily raised negative feelings leading inability to maintain harmonious relations with others” was revealed. “Loss of a sense of control”, “Loss”, “Sense of guilt”, “Incompetence” “Insensibility” and “Conflict” were also found as sub-concept of “Unpleasant psychological pain”. Subconcept of “Uncertainty about the future”, “Therapeutic effect, disease progressing and prognosis” “Family like style including that of patients themselves”, “Life after a patient’s death” and “Potential genetic predisposition to ward cancer among family members” were suggested. The clinical scenes tends to deal only empirically with family suffering as these effect family quality of life during medical treatment, so an appropriate assessment is needed to reduce suffering. This is turn makes necessary to clarify the process of suffering among the families during medical treatment and to construct of a nursing model.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/3372
ISSN: 1343-2826
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