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Title: Crystal structure of poly(butylene-2,6-naphthalate)
Authors: Koyano, H
Yamamoto, Y
Saito, Y
Yamanobe, T
Komoto, T
Keywords: poly(butylene-2,6-naphthalate)
crystal structure
Issue Date: Aug-1998
Publisher: Polymer
Citation: Polymer.39(18), 4385-4391(1998)
Abstract: The two crystal structures of poly(butylene-2,6-naphthalate) (PBN) have been determined by X-ray diffraction. The space group is <P(1)over bar> for both forms. The unit cell parameters of the B form are a = 4.55 Angstrom, b = 6.43 Angstrom, c (fibre axis) = 15.31 Angstrom, alpha = 110.1, beta = 121.1 and gamma = 100.6. The major difference in crystal structure between the A and B forms lies in the conformation of four methylene group sequences: <(SG)over bar TGS> for the A form and <TST(S)over bar T> for the B form.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/4818
ISSN: 0032-3861
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