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Title: X線診断領域におけるガラス線量計(GD-352M)の諸特性
Other Titles: Characteristics of the Glass Dosimeter GD-352M in X-ray Diagnosis
Authors: 河原田, 泰尋
阿部, 真衣子
小澤, 慶子
小野, 絵理
根岸, 徹
長島, 宏幸
五十嵐, 博
kawaharada, Yasuhiro
Abe, Maiko
Ozawa, Keiko
Ono, Eri
Negishi, Toru
Nagashima, Hiroyuki
Igarashi, Hiroshi
Keywords: 蛍光ガラス線量計
Radio photo luminescence glass dosimeter
Energy dependency
Glass element
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: 群馬県立県民健康科学大学
Citation: 群馬県立県民健康科学大学紀要 3,11-19,2008
Abstract: 目的:地域施設のX線検査被ばく線量の測定をガラス線量計により行うことを目的に,ガラス線量計の特性を調べ有用性と留意点について検討した.方法:ガラス素子(GD-352)の感度均一性,素子個々の繰り返し再現性,線量直線性,エネルギー特性について電離箱線量計と比較測定した.また,照射後の経過時間におけるビルドアップの形成とアニーリング後の自然積算線量について調べた.結果:繰り返し再現性は約±5%であった.線量直線性は良いが低線量,低管電圧で測定値のばらつきが大きくなる.補償フィルタによる吸収で感度は25keVで約20%低下し,17keVで約50%低下した.ガラス素子の室温におけるビルドアップは24時間経過すると約98%完了する.自然放射線による蓄積線量は約1.7μGy/日であった.結論:低管電庄と低線量により検査される小児の測定では,測定値のばらつきが大きくなるため注意が必要である.マンモグラフィ領域の使用では,新たなエネルギー補償フィルタ物質と感度の調整が必要である.
Object: To measure the exposure dose of X-ray equipment at our facility, we examined the characteristics of the glass dosimeter, and considered the usefulness and potential hazards associated with this equipment. Methods: An ionization chamber dosimeter was used to measure sensitivity, uniformity, repeatability, reproducibility, dose linearity, and energy characteristics of individual glass dosimetry elements (GD-352). We also studied build up of radiation dose and integral dose over time after annealing. Results : The repetition reproducibility was approximately ±5%. Although the dose linearity was good, dispersion of the measured value increased at low doses and low tube voltages. The compensating filter reduced absorption sensitivity by about 20% at 25 keV and by about 50% at 17 keV. After 24 hours, build up at room temperature for the glass element was approximately 98%. Accumulated dose in terms of natural radiation was approximately 1.7μGy/day. Conclusions: Since dispersion of the measured value increases at low tube voltages and low doses, attention is necessary when using the GD-352 to perform imaging studies of infants. In order to use the GD-352 in mammography, a new energy compensating filter material with increased sensitivity should be developed.
Description: 原著
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/6634
ISSN: 1881-0691
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