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Title: Analysis and design of robust stabilizing modified repetitive control systems
Other Titles: ロバスト安定化修正繰返し制御系の解析と設計
Authors: 陳, 中祥
チン, チュウショウ
Chin, Chusho
Keywords: Repetitive control
Modified repetitive controller
Position-dependent disturbance
Time-varying period time
Linear matrix inequality
Robusut stability
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 群馬大学工学部
Abstract: In control system practice, high precision tracking or attenuation for periodic signals is an important issue. Repetitive control is known as an e.ective approach for such control problems. The internal model principle shows that the repetitive control system which contains a periodic generator in the closed-loop can achieve zero steady-state error for reference input or completely attenuate disturbance. Due to its simple structure and high control precision, repetitive control has been widely applied in many systems. To improve existing results on repetitive control theory, this thesis presents theoretical results in analysis and design repetitive control system. The main work and innovations are listed as follows: We propose a design method of robust stabilizing modi.ed repetitive controllers for multiple-input/multiple-output plants with uncertainties. The parameterization of all robust stabilizing modi.ed repetitive controllers for multiple-input/multiple-output plant with uncertainty is obtained by employing H∞ control theory based on the Riccati equation. The robust stabilizing controller contains free parameters that are designed to achieve desirable control characteristic. In addition, the bandwidth of low-pass .lter has been analyzed. In order to simplify the design process and avoid the wrong results obtained by graphical method, the robust stability conditions are converted to LMIs-constraint conditions by employing the delay-dependent bounded real lemma. When the free parameters of the parameterization of all robust stabiliz-ing controllers is adequately chosen, then the controller works as robust stabilizing modi.ed repetitive controller. For a time-varying periodic disturbances, we give an design method of an opti-mal robust stabilizing modi.ed repetitive controller for a strictly proper plant with time-varying uncertainties. A modi.ed repetitive controller with time-varying delay structure, inserted by a low-pass .lter and an adjustable parameter, is developed for this class of system. Two linear matrix inequalities LMIs-based robust stability con-ditions of the closed-loop system with time-varying state delay are derived for .xed parameters. One is a delay-dependent robust stability condition that is derived based on the free-weight matrix. The other robust stability condition is obtained based on the H∞ control problem by introducing a linear unitary operator. To obtain the desired controller, the design problems are converted to two LMI-constrained opti-mization problems by reformulating the LMIs given in the robust stability conditions. The validity of the proposed method is verified through a numerical example.
Description: 学位記番号:工博甲466
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/7660
Academic Degrees and number: 12301甲第466号
Degree-granting date: 2013-03-22
Degree name: 博士(工学)
Degree-granting institutions: 群馬大学
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