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タイトル: 学生実験のための緑色蛍光タンパク質遺伝子を組み込んだプラスミドベクターpGreen-BSK+ の構築
その他のタイトル: Construction of a pGreenBSK+ plasmid vector with an inserted green fluorescence protein gene for use in experiments by students
著者: 小林, 葉子
Kobayashi, Yoko
キーワード: 緑色蛍光タンパク質
Green fluorescence protein
Gene recombination
Escherichia coli
発行日: 2013年12月20日
出版者: 桐生大学紀要委員会
引用: 桐生大学紀要 24, 103-110, 2013
抄録: 分子生物学の発展は目覚ましく,基礎的な分子生物学実験を学生実験にも取り入れる時代になっている.遺伝子 組換え実験は,関連法規に従い行う必要がある.また,学生実験では,限られた期間で学生が興味を持ち,かつ, 容易に実験ができるようにしなければならない.プラスミドpGreen は,強い緑色蛍光を発する緑色蛍光タンパク 質(Green fluorescence protein: GFP)をコードするGFP 遺伝子(gfp)を含んでいる.pGreen から取り出したgfp を プラスミドpBluescriptSK+ に挿入し,学生実験に用いることのできるプラスミドpGreen-BSK+ を構築した.その 際,lac プロモーターが作用する方向とは逆向きにgfp を組み込み,また,1度のサブクローニングでgfp を含む DNA 領域を大腸菌でのタンパク質発現ベクターであるpET19b に挿入できるよう塩基配列を置換した.Gfp を組み 込んだpET19b で形質転換された大腸菌JM109(DE3) に紫外線を当てると緑色蛍光を発し,GFP タンパク質の発現 を確認することができた.すなわち,pGreen-BSK+ は,学生実験の遺伝子組換え実験に用いることのできる有用な プラスミドベクターと言える.Considering the remarkable recent advances in molecular biology, it has become imperative to include basic molecular biology experiments in the university curriculum. The theme of the experiments on gene recombination should be in accordance with the principle of“ Act on the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity through regulation of the use of living modified organisms.” Moreover, the experimental design should be easy to follow. In this article, a pGreenBSK+ plasmid vector was constructed for use in experiments carried out by students. A green fluorescence protein gene (gfp) that has strong green fluorescence was excised from pGreen and inserted into pBluescriptSK+ plasmid at downstream of the lac promoter in reverse. For this, several mutation experiments were performed by making or breaking the recognition sites for restriction enzymes. The gfp gene was excised from pGreenBSK+ by using NcoI and BamHI restriction enzymes, and was inserted into pET19b, a protein expression vector for Escherichia coli (E. coli), which was treated with the same restriction enzymes. JM109 (DE3), a strain of E.coli, was transformed with pET19b with inserted gfp, and GFP proteins were synthesized in the transformed JM109(DE3) cells under glucose starvation. The expressed GFP protein could be visualized under ultraviolet radiation. The pGreenBSK+ described here might be useful for DNA recombination experiments carried out by students.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/8216
ISSN: 1342-4076


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