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Title: 膵臓および唾液α-アミラーゼ活性に及ぼす食品等の抽出物の影響
Other Titles: Inhibitory Effects of Various Extract of Foods on the Pancreatic α-Amylase and Ptyalin Activity
Authors: 榮, 昭博
関﨑, 悦子
Sakae, Akihiro
Sekizaki, Etsuko
Keywords: α-アミラーゼ
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2007
Citation: 桐生短期大学紀要 18, 17-22, 2007
Abstract: 食品中の抽出物が多糖の消化に及ぼす影響を検討するため,膵臓α-アミラーゼ(ブタ由来)および唾液α-アミラーゼ(ヒト由来)を用いて,各食品の抽出物を添加した場合のそれぞれのアミラーゼ活性を測定した.その結果,次のことがわかった. 1.ブラックベリー抽出物は膵臓および唾液いずれのα-アミラーゼ活性も著しく阻害した(阻害率:膵臓76.4%,唾液88.7%). 2.月桂樹およびオレガノ抽出物も膵臓および唾液のα-アミラーゼ活性を阻害した(月桂樹の阻害率:膵臓53.3%・唾液54.8%,オレガノの阻害率:膵臓33.3%・唾液37.6%). 3.桑葉における抽出物は膵臓α-アミラーゼ活性を阻害したが(阻害率40.3%),唾液α-アミラーゼ活性の阻害はわずかであった(阻害率14.5%). 4.ブラックベリー抽出液のα-アミラーゼの阻害活性には濃度依存性が認められた. 5.加熱処理したブラックベリー抽出液を添加しても, α-アミラーゼの阻害活性は変化しなかった. 6.ブラックベリー抽出液にショ糖を添加してもα-アミラーゼ阻害活性は影響されなかった. To evaluate the influence of extracts of various foods on digestion of polysaccharides (starch), the amylase activity of porcine pancreas and human saliva were examined when the extracts were included. The findings were as follows, 1. Aqueous extract of blackberry remarkably inhibited the α-amylase activity (inhibitory rate : porcine pancreas 76.4%, human saliva 88.7%). 2. Aqueous extracts of laurel and oregano inhibited the α-amylase activity (inhibitory rate of laurel : pancreas 53.3% and human saliva 54.8%, inhibitory rate of oregano : pancreas 33.3% and saliva 37.6%). 3. Aqueous extract of mulberry leaf inhibited the pancreatic α-amylase activity (inhibitory rate 40.3%). However, the inhibition effect of the mulberry leaf for the α-amylase from human saliva was low (inhibitory rate 14.5%). 4. The inhibitory activities of α-amylase on the extracts of blackberry were dependent on the whole blackberry-extracts contents. 5. When the heated blackberry extract was added, inhibitory activities of α-amylase did not change. 6. The inhibitory activities of α-amylase on the extracts of blackberry were not effected by addition of sucrose.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/8881
ISSN: 13424076
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