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タイトル: 斜交式組紙における色調の移動による視覚性の考察 : R2方式におけるパターンの様相
その他のタイトル: Aesthetic Differences Made by Shifting Color Tones in Samples of Diagonally Woven Kumigami : A Study of the Visual Patterns of "R2-1" Methed
著者: 富澤, 秀文
発行日: 2002年
出版者: 群馬大学教育学部
引用: 群馬大学教育学部紀要 芸術・技術・体育・生活科学編. 37, 41-66 (2002)
抄録: The mehtod of "diagonal Kumigami" is my own invention. Fiftyeight different ways of weaving strips of color paper have been patten ted by the Patent Bureau. While the "Cartesian" or right-angle Kumigami can only form squares and rectangles.the diagonal method can shape triangles.parallelograms, lozenges and trapezoidos. By combining these basic shapes, each artist can pursue preferred patterns out of a wide range of possibilities. This is a geometrically freer.aesthetically more sophissticated way of paperweaving. In this article, ten samples of the diagonal Kumigami will be examind. Earch sampl will undergo color shifts according to the same rules. The diffaerent patterns thus created will then be compared from aesthetic viewpoints to see which of them will be more applicable to art works.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/898
出現コレクション:第37巻 (2002)


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