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Title: 分娩見学の学びの分析
Other Titles: Analysis of  the  Students’Reports on  Child Delivery Observation
Authors: 本多, 洋子
Honda, Yoko
Keywords: 母性看護学実習
Maternit nyursing practice
Child delivery
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2006
Citation: 桐生短期大学紀要17, 209-2014, 2006
Abstract: 母性看護学実習では,分娩見学をなるべく体験できるようにしている.分娩や生命の誕生の瞬間を学生がどう 捉えているだろうか.分娩の見学体験のレポートをKJ 法により分析したところ,分娩見学を殆どの学生は肯定的 にとらえていた.そうでなかった学生も見学を終了したときには肯定的な受け取りになっていた,分娩見学が肯 定的に捉えられた要因として,分娩に前向きに臨む産婦と,出産を共に待ち望む家族の支援, 産婦の苦痛を適確 に判断しケアする助産師と教員の助言であった. この体験をとおして学生は, 分娩に関する知識と実際を統合し, 母性看護観をもつことができた.           In maternity nursing practic ewe, are offering students with opportunities to observe child deliveri aess much as possible How students perceive child deliver aynd the moment of birt hof new life? Students 'reports on child deliver oybservations were analyzed using KJ method. From the analysis i tis fbund tha tmost students captured child deliver ypositivel yand even the students, who did not, could perceive i tpositivel yat the end of the observation. The factor tshat promoted students' positiv eperceptio tnoward child deliver yare as follows ;involvin gwith laboring women who actively underwent child labor ,seeing the midwives who closely monitor the labo rcondition to make right pain assessment and to previd eappropriate care fbr laboring woman and her familie wsho attending the delivery .Through this experience, the students could acquire both views of maternity and maternity nursing,
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ISSN: 13424076
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