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タイトル: 被服関連分野に関する若者の意識と影響要因 : 男性ファッションを中心として
その他のタイトル: The consciousness of the young people about male fashion in clothing
著者: 堀内, 雅子
発行日: 2002年
出版者: 群馬大学教育学部
引用: 群馬大学教育学部紀要 芸術・技術・体育・生活科学編. 37, 221-230 (2002)
抄録: The curriculum of the university should be changed according to the social needs. To know the essential theme of the course of study in the field of clothing, we got the information through a questionnaire obtained from 310 young persons (male: female = 4:3) living in Gunma prefecture and neighbor prefectures. 1. The young people got the mean allowance of 34,610 yen a month. They use 10,541 yen for clothing expenses. The ratio of the clothing expense of high school students is higher than other young people. 2. Young women show the strong tendency to attach importance to fashion information before purchasing clothing. Yong males also show similar tendency. 3. There are significant difference in personality and behavior pattern for the interest to fashion, the way to get fashion information and choice bases for clothing. 4. One forth of people is affirmative to makeup of male people, and 11% of male people wish to make up by themselves. 5. One third of people are affirmative to have clothing as many as possible. People who are interested in fabrics or comfortability to wear are tendency not to have too much clothing. 6. Over all, it became clear that the standard selecting clothing should be one of the essential themes in the education of clothing field.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/901
出現コレクション:第37巻 (2002)


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