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Title: 不妊カウンセリングにおける研究の動向
Other Titles: Research about Trends in the Studies of Infertility Counseling
Authors: 馬橋, 和恵
赤石, 三佐代
Umahashi, Kazue
Akaishi, Misayo
Keywords: 不妊
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Citation: 桐生大学紀要 26,57-64,2015-12
Abstract: 日本における不妊患者は46万人1)と言われ,増加の一途を辿っている.そして,一般不妊治療や生殖補助医療(assisted reproductive technology: 以下,ART)は約20年間で著しく進歩した2).凍結胚の使用や顕微授精,胚盤胞移植などの開発は,子どもをあきらめなければならなかったカップルにとって福音をもたらした3).  しかし,その一方で不妊治療が高度化になるに従い患者はストレスを抱え,肉体的にも,精神的にも苦痛を抱えている.堀口4)は,不妊治療を受けている患者は先進技術を応用した治療のストレスに対応できず,治療を困難に感じている.治療効果を上げるためには心身医学的配慮が必要であると述べている.また,Lok ら5)もストレスを抱えている患者の10%が中等度から重度の抑鬱状態であると述べていることから,カウンセリングは重要である.  ストレスが治療に影響することを考えるならば,この問題は看護師にとっても重要であり,患者がどのような問題に直面し苦痛を感じているかを把握することが看護師にも求められる.  以上から,不妊患者のカウンセリングについて,先行研究をレビューし,今後の課題について明らかにすることを目的とした. PURPOSE: The purpose of this research is to know the trends in infertility counseling studies and to clarify future tasks by reviewing preceding studies on infertility counseling published in academic journals. METHOD: Journals published at the website of the Japan Medical Abstracts Society in a five year period from 1991 to 2015 were reviewed. RESULTS: Search results of studies on infertility counseling are as follows: 1 in 1991-1995, 4 in 1996-2000, 15 in 2001-2005, 52 in 2006-2010, and 32 in 2011- October 2015. The Japan Society for Infertility Counseling had the largest number of studies followed by the Japan Society of Fertilization and Implantation, and the Japan Society of Maternal Health. The contents of these studies refer to such issues as“ the importance of counseling”,“ psychological problems”,“ the role of counseling”, “treatment termination”,“ aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake”,“ oocyte cryopreservation”, and“ problems regarding men”. CONCLUSION: There are an increasing number of infertile patients, and therapeutic techniques have become highly developed and complex, which eventually have contributed to more number of published studies dealing with more serious problems. Counseling today plays a more and more important role. It is true that the study made by Dr.Horiguchi almost twenty years ago is a valuable work that greatly contributed to fertility treatment. However, counseling is not established yet and more studies are required. Many studies regarding infertility counseling were published in the Japan Society for Infertility Counseling with new knowledge made available to society. It is suggested that this leads to the improvement of infertility counseling.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10087/9874
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